We Have Everything!

Welcome to Vape Decadence. We are a family owned and run business and we have to add that we are all Vape fans ourselves. Yes it’s true, we sell it and we use it. Our objective is to provide a good range of products with an emphasis on the quality of the goods. Natural extracts is a buzz word. Many people search for Free Range this and that in the Supermarket! Well, this is the vaping version of that. We contacted Velvet Cloud because one of us was showing signs of being allergic to Propylene Glycol, a major ingredient in 90% of vape products. It’s not harmful but if you are allergic, well that is a problem. Velvet Cloud produces Vegetable Glycerin based goods. What’s more, they don’t use alcohol to thin them, they use de-ionized water. So, you get these natural flavor extracts which are built on a base of vegetable glycerin. We love the product, it is decadent. There is something here for everyone.

Just B Juiced products are locally manufactured. They use locally sourced materials that all have appropriate certification. It is their attention to detail that encourages us though. They have an uncompromising view on the ingredients, using none of the known risk ingredients that can be found in many other products. Refreshing and strongly flavored. You get bang for your buck here.

To complement the range of juices we arranged to distribute the Vicious Ant range locally. While so many of the popular goods are manufactured in China (including many clones), Vicious Ant are synonymous with quality and emanate from the Philippines. They are precision engineers and trend setters. We know their goods are pricy but, considering that we are still using goods we bought nearly 2 years ago (a long time in the vaping world), we cannot but be impressed by the “value for money” proposition. Buy quality once and be happy, buy cheap once and you buy again (and again)….

Again, welcome to the website. Please visit again soon as we will hopefully add products from time to time.