Aromamizer Supreme Lite RDTA

Aromamizer Supreme Lite RDTA 23mm now available @ Vape Decadence


The Aromamizer Supreme Lite RDTA is a scaled down version of the Aromamizer Supreme RDTA, the very well received improvement of the first Aromamizer RDTA. It has a 23mm diameter so it’ll fit much better on mods that just aren’t big enough hold 25mm atomizers without looking odd. Besides that, the Supreme Lite mostly remains the same at the full sized Supreme. This one does include the conversion kit to bring it up to a 5ml capacity as well as air and juice blockers for single coil use.

Large juice holes in the deck will ensure no dry hits even when chain vaping on the larger coils at high power. The convenient top fill with large fill ports will handle all types of delivery methods. The juice control function allows the user to set the optimum flow depending on VG/PG ratio and when shut off will prevent any leaking during refilling.


How to wick correctly:

There is one common issue that has been posted everywhere and that is a leaking tank.

Here is a little step by step for the wicking of the Aromamizer Supreme Lite RDTA.


  1. Whichever type of cotton you choose to wick with its important to use the right amount. Using too much or too little will both cause problems. You should feel some resistance as you pull the wick through but it should not be pulled through with force or move the coil.
  2. Use the outside of the base cap as a guide for trimming the wick tails to length. The sharper your snips the better as you want the wick tails to remain nice and fluffy.
  3. Use your tweezers or a prodder to gently fold the wick tail onto the deck. No pressure is applied here, no compacting, the wick tails should simply rest over the juice hole.
  4. Repeat the step with the other tail. Your relaxed wick tails should meet in the middle or even slightly overlap. We want the completely cover the deck with our wicking and certainly never leave a juice hole even partly exposed.
  5. Once both tails are on the deck, use your prodder to open the space beneath the coil so that the airflow is not obstructed.
  6. Wick both coils in exactly the same way, then you are ready to juice up. Once juiced, use the prodder to gently “dress the wick” to get all the cotton fibres saturated and shaped. Ensure that all the wicking is within the deck because you don’t want your wick tails compressed against the side of the chamber once the deck is installed this can lean tp juice running off the wicks towards the airhole.
  7. Now that both wicks are juiced up and shaped, its time to install the deck into your Aromamizer and vape.


This rebuildable atomizer is intended for experienced users with full knowledge of coil building and battery safety.

Few steps to make sure you are on the right track:

  1. Build Safely, always check your installed coils for shorts before firing and do not stress your battery capability.
  2. If the airflow and juice flow control rings do not move freely please disassemble, check the o-rings are free from damage and add a little e-juice for lubrication. Spare o-rings are provided in the spare bag included.
  3. The locating pins are small and may easily be misplaced take care when disassembling and cleaning.
  4. Do not over tighten components when assembling.
  5. When you are not using the Aromamzier Supreme Lite close off the juice and airflow controls to avoid any possibility of leaking should the atomizer fall on its side.

Included in the package:

  • Friction fit drip tip to reduce condensation
  • 2ml for TPD compliance, 5ml conversion parts included
  • Single coil plugs to block air hole and juice holes
  • Top filling
  • Juice flow control, unique tapered airflow design
  • Align air holes with coils
  • Comes with a spare 5ml glass tank

To order yours today Click here


Please note that there is only silver available. Prices can change without notice.



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