Cuttwood E-Liquids

A little run down of all the Cuttwood E-Liquids that we stock…

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Cuttwood – Trust me it is delicious


Boss Reserve – Honey cereal, Roasted nut clusters, Milk and Banana

The name says it all… Breakfast is the main course for any day and with such a tasty treat why not makes breakfast an all day thing?

Mega Melons – Mango, cantaloupe melon & papaya

A fruit fan? Well here you have all the best water fruits mixed so well together that you will not put your device down.

Sugar Drizzle – Cinnamon, sugar and cream

This is for all the sweet lovers, it’s a sugar rush of note and yet you want more. Perfectly combined sweetness to make you a sweetheart for the day!

 Bird Brains – Fruit Loops

My very interesting colleague’s ultimate favorite Juice…

Yummy fruity rings soaked in cold milk that brings a fruit loop delight to your taste bites.

Unicorn Milk – Strawberry and cream

One of our best sellers. Everyone loves the sweet taste of strawberry and cream

We also stock it in our Amanzimtoti branch click here to view

Best sellers of Cuttwood E-Liquid:

Unicorn Milk is at number 1

Followed by Bird Brains

Sugar Drizzle not far behind and catching up quickly

Mega Melons has its own little crowd but also a popular request from fruit lovers

Boss Reserve is a little behind with a very small group of followers.

*There is truly something for everyone. All waiting to be vaped for those who have not vaped it as yet.

Jessica’s favorite is Bird Brains and as soon as the bottle gets a bit low the face starts dropping.

Brian’s favorite lately is the Sugar Drizzle vapes it in every mod possible.

Mari-Zanne’s favorite is currently the Unicorn Milk as soon as she gets in its the first vape.

Come and enjoy all these amazing flavors while stock last.


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