HCigar VT 200W now here!

“HCigar VT 200W now at Vape Decadence”

HCigar VT 200W was formulated and designed to be user- friendly with the Eco-friendly aluminum body.


HCigar VT 200W



Features of the HCigar VT 200W:

  • Runs to 200 Watts
  • Temperature control chip by Evolv.
  • USB post can be modified according to the vaper’s experience.
  • Activated Mode and Attaching – a new atomizer – to wake up the device from power off state by just tapping the Fire Button.
  • Locked mode which occurs by pressing the fire button 5 times in a row, the device will not fire.
  • To exit locked mode, press the fire button again 5 times. (pause should be lesser than 7 seconds)
  • The Stealth mode while locked, hold the fire and down button simultaneously for 5 second to switch to stealth mode.
  • The display is being turned off and it will return to original mode by repeating the 5 second pressing of fire and down button.
  • Locked mode, hold the up and down button simultaneously for 2 second, the mod will operate but no access to the power setting.
  • Prevents the accidental changes in power level.
  • The Hcigar VT 200W has maximum 9 Volts Output Voltage, 50 Amps Output Current and 200 Watts Output Voltage
  • Atomizer Resistance is 0.4 Ohm (0.7 Ohm for Kanthal wire)
  • Temperature Limit is 450 Fahrenheit
  • Input Voltage is 11.1 Volts
  • Input Current is 9 Amps
  • screen on current is 18 mA
  • Quiescent Current is 4.5 mA
  • Efficiency is 97% and Screen Size is 0.9 inches (OLED)
  • Screen will be at full brightness when firing, however after 10 seconds
  • Usage of resistance of the atomizer, the temperature of the heating coil is being calculated and protected till the atomizer cool down.

HCigar VT 200W Breakdown

The Stemtorian atomizer works smoothly on the HCigar VT 200W.

Can preform normally with any tank and with the atomizers that are very sensitive.

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