Kangertech Dripbox 160 TC

Here is a little view on the Kangertech Dripbox 160 TC W

Dripbox 160 box

Dripbox 160 TC features the following:

Variable wattage from 7 – 160watts

Temperature Control modes that support the following:

  • Nickle (Ni200)
  • Titanium (Ti)
  • Stainless Steel (SS)
  • Ni – chrome (NiChr)

The temperature range from 200 – 600 degrees or 100 – 315 Celsius

The Dripbox 160 TC device works very similar as all the other TC currently available. To turn the device on or off   5 clicks and to access the menu with a 3- click. Here you will find all the temperature modes to choose from. You can choose the wattage mode on there as well. The temperature control option does not include manual TCR but that is all.

If you remove the Subdrip RBA  and reattach it you will be asked if you have changed the coil. With a Yes or No you will choose whether it is a new coil or a old coil. If you unscrew it and press the fire button it will show 9.9999Ω this means that there is no atomizer on the device.

To fill the squonk bottle you remove the magnet cover at the bottom and slowly pull the bottle down to get it out make sure that the pin that goes in to the bottle comes out all the way, this will be very helpful when you have to reinsert it. There will be no mess once it has been pushed back in. You fill the bottle to the fill mark on the bottle. Push the bottle back up and re-clip the magnetic cover back on




When you are done remember to drip 8-10 drops of liquid onto the Subdrip RBA to avoid any dry hits that we all love so much.



The Kangertech Dripbox 160TC device uses dual 18650 batteries and is recommended that you use a matching pair. The batteries can be charged through the USB Charging port or through an external charger.

The battery life on the dual 18650 batteries depends on the wattage you will vape on it. High wattage shorter battery life.


Contents in the Box:

1x – Dripbox 160W kit

1x – Velocity Style RBA Coil – Prebuilt Kanthal

1x Velocity Style RBA Coil – Prebuilt Stainless Steel

1x – Drip Box Coil

1x – Spare Squonk Tube

1x – USB Charging Cable

Extra Coils, Allen Wrench, RBA Filter, Cotton


Overall the whole design of the Dripbox 160 TC device is very impressive and comfortable  to hold in your hand. It has a similar design as the Reauleax RX200 and RX200S.


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