Lost Vape Halcyon…

Lost Vape Halcyon DNA200 Squonker & Steam Crave Aromamizer V-RDA

a Squonker-style box with a removable 900mAh LiPo battery. The Halcyon has a bottle that can hold 8ml juice.

The squonker style has been around in the vape industry, but only recently has it become a little more mainstream. There are vapers who only use the squonker with a BF atomizer for the amazing flavor it gives you as well as to build your own coils and play around with what works best for you.

The idea is grand:

a Fully-enclosed vaping solution that needs nothing but an RDA with a squonker (Bottom Fed atomizer) feed. The juice moves up a tube to the deck and saturates the wick every time you squeeze the bottle, making the characteristic “squonk” sound. You only have to squeeze the juice bottle after a few pulls on it.

The Lost Vape Halcyon relies on the time-tested DNA200 chip from Evolv technologies, and a stable 900mAh Fully max LiPo battery. With that you can have a spare LiPo battery for traveling making it one of the best devices out there. The flavor on the Halcyon is also one of the best I have used in a very long time.  The 8ml internal bottle is visible through an opening in the side of the box, to squeeze the e-liquid out of the container and onto your wick.

The Halcyon features carbon fiber side panels and robust SS buttons within a solid billet enclosure. Bring your own topper and you are all set.

We currently are running a special on the Lost Vape Halcyon with the Steam Crave Aromamizer V-RDA  this combination will leave you breathless. These 2 products compliment each other. It is a must have when squonking.


You can order yours today Click Here. 

If you only wish to purchase any part of this combo special separately  please contact Mari @ mari-zanne@eciginn.co.za the prices will differ completely form the special.



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