Paulies new E-Liquid

Paulies new flavors just arrived in store and we cannot seem to decide which is the favorite what a variety something for everyone …

  • Paulies – Lemon Ice Tea
  • Paulies – Pear
  • Paulies – Coffee Cake

Paulies E-Liquid just arrived and we could not wait to get our tanks ready for the tasting…

Emptied 3 tanks and vaping all 3 at once.

The Lemon Ice Tea

Fresh slice of lemon with full leaf tea. This is a very tangy and pleasant surprise to have going into the weekend.

This amazing treat will blow your mind I am struggling to put my device down.

You taste the lemon the tea so clearly from the first puff to the last.

Paulies Lemon Ice Tea


Tastes exactly like a sweet ripe perfect pear all in one 50ml bottle for the desired drip or tank.

For all the fruit lovers.. Another sweet and juicy treat different from the Guava but definitely taste just like a ripe juicy pear on a summers day.

Paulies Pear

Coffee Cake

A delicious moist sponge cake drenches in espresso coffee. Beautifully rounded off with a nutty sweetness.

Now here is something I have been craving for!! Cake and Coffee why not.

Its made to perfection every taste makes you think of a coffee shop where you order a slice of cake with that hot strong Espresso coffee. Standing in front of me because need both hands to type but so far its a tie between the Lemon Ice tea and the Coffee cake, have a feeling the Coffee cake will be winning but might be wrong.

Paulies Coffee Cake


The happiness of having a little bit of everything this morning is truly indescribable.

We cannot wait to introduce these amazing flavors to all the vapers.

Paulies E-Liquid is definitely becoming a liquid to have.

Coming soon to the new arrivals page whoop whoop


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