Vape Decadence E-Juices

Welcome to Vape Decadence E-Juices. We are a family owned and run business and we have to add that we are all Vape fans ourselves. Yes it’s true, we sell them and we use them. Our objective is to provide a good range of products with an emphasis on the quality of the goods.

Vape Decadence marketed by E-Cig Inn and Pixie Moon DistributorsOur in house juice range includes some super smooth custard and tobacco mixes. Most of our clients agree that this is where we shine. We do have some super fruit mixes but then again, so many others make quality fruits as well.

Vape Decadence is our elite range of juices. We have been making juice for nearly 4 years but only launched the Vape Decadence label recently. These are our better products, the result of experience and past success or failure. Lessons learned contribute to better products. Enjoy the results of our learning!

Vape Decadence Juice lineOur Online Store is now housed on the E-Cig Inn website. We are a full service vape store and offer hardware, juices, and spares. Our pricing policy is affectionately known as “Toti Money”. We are physically located in Amanzimtoti and Toti is of itself is quite heavily weighted as a blue collar town. You won’t find 100’s of Mercedes outside but you will find the nicest people! We price according to their pocket. We price to be affordable.

Vape Decadence is mostly an informative website, a support structure to E-Cig Inn. It is however also a brand ambassador for its juice namesake range. You have to try some of our juices!”