Vape Decadence Introduces Aromamizer Plus RDTA (Silver only)

Aromamizer fans will surely enjoy the LITTLE present Steam Crave just threw in the mix….


With a diameter of 30mm and a juice capacity of 10ml or optional 5ml and 20ml conversion how is this not on your must have list yet. The all new air flow makes it easier to adjust to the tank specifically for what you like and want.

30mm RDTA has Reduced condensation and air turbulence utilizing a no step, wide bore chimney and friction fit drip tip.

Spacious postless build deck with capacity for coils of over 6mm internal diameter on the Aromamizer RDTA 30mm.

Atomizer Kit includes:

  • Aromamizer Plus whole unit
  • Spare 10ml glass
  • Vape band
  • Aromamizer building accessories.
  • 510 drip tip adapter
  • 5ml conversion kit includes 5ml chimney and 2pcs 5ml glass
  • 20ml extension kit included extension chimney and 2pcs 20ml glass



PLEASE NOTE: There is only silver in stock….



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  1. Cornia says:

    Is the Aromamizer Plus RDTA still available in stock? Please let me know.. Thank you

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